One on One Coaching:

Experience the personal touch as you and Coach Sharita delve into uncharted territories to discover who you really are, barriers that have been holding you back and solutions to your breakthrough.

Group Coaching:

Energy, Support, Connection, Friendship, Fun. These are just some of the experiences you will an encounter as you and a group of your peers interact in a group setting. Together you will discover the thought processes that lead you to where you are today, common obstacles that have kept you from moving forward and how together you can overcome and walk in your purpose.

Mentorship Program:

You have been through the One on One or the Group Coaching sessions, but you feel as though you need more. More connection, more time, more personal interaction. This program is for you. Together you and Coach Sharita embark on a journey that will take you deep into the bellows of your life. Digging up root causes to your failures and pulling down strongholds in your life.


When you take a look at About the Author, you will see that Coach Sharita has life experiences that more than qualify her to speak on overcoming your past, family, life balance, renewing your mind, finding your purpose and much more